• Took the completely ridiculous Life in the UK exam; successfully obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • Learned/re-learned how to throw pottery at Skandihus. Despite covid-interruptus, it was wonderful to have that creative outlet periodically.
  • All the dev conferences went online. I attended Women of React and Brighton Ruby, both of which were great.
  • I did a Practical Cartooning for Technical Folks course and proceeded to spend a lot of happy time drawing. Thank you, Rachel!
  • Took two writing courses with Write Like A Girl (on Zoom). When we were under lockdown and I couldn’t go to the pottery studio, at least I always had writing to do!
  • Baked, and ate, a lot of sourdough bread
  • Tried to find the most pandemic-compatible holiday options in lieu of a family vacation (we took a sleeper train to Scotland, I spent a week on a boat in the Red Sea)
  • Left Rail Europe (along with the majority of their staff worldwide); took some time off work to recover from burnout



  • Learning conversational Italian thanks to the magic of Duolingo
  • Senior Developer at Happy Bear Software (RIP)
  • Went on a pretty amazing boat tour of the Scottish Highlands and Islands
  • Participating in far too many book clubs, reading all the books
  • Went on a family vacation to southern Italy
  • Took a solo trip to Granada to see La Alhambra
  • Senior Software Engineer at Loco2 (RIP)
  • Blew all my savings on [*REDACTED*]




  • I moved to London.
  • Started calling myself a writer once I started getting paid for blogging: Jezebel
  • Worked for BrewDog at their bar in Shoreditch and bottle shop in King’s Cross. Handled social media, events, and revived their email newsletter.
  • Passed the Certified Cicerone examination. I’m literally certified to be a beer snob.
  • Ate a lot of pizza in Rome
  • Learned to scuba dive in Thailand, learned to cook in Bali
  • Visited Belgium, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Munich, and Berlin
  • Took a train from San Diego out to Chicago
  • Hugged some redwoods in California


  • I turned 30. I visited the seventh continen; made friends with a penguin
  • Backpacked around Patagonia, just for kicks
  • I did copywriting and editing for an advertising agency, working primarily for clients in the healthcare sector: Indiana University Health, Roche Diagnostics, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Mentored teens in web development at the Adler Planetarium’s Web-Making Workshop for Civic Action
  • Lost my best pal (this was devastating)


  • I edited Distance, a quarterly publication of long-form writing about design and technology.
  • Finally made it to the very top of Half Dome in Yosemite, after making my first attempt 15 years earlier.


  • I edited the second edition of Cadence and Slang, a book about interaction design by Nick Disabato.
  • Took an epic 4-week trip through the South Pacific, with stops in Australia, New Zealand, and French Polynesia
  • Died of happiness a little bit whilst hugging a koala, and probably smelled very bad by the time I finished backpacking along the Milford Track
  • Finished a Certificate in Medical Writing and Editing at the University of Chicago’s Graham School
  • Went to Bogotá for a bit



  • From 2010 to 2015, I worked for the University of Chicago’s Center for Health and Social Sciences. I replaced their old fixed-width framed site with a responsive layout, and created updated templates for their Adobe Contribute CMS. I updated the visual design of all marketing materials and created a series of Annual Reports which were distributed widely to funding agencies and collaborators.
  • I moved from San Diego to Chicago. Learned the meaning of winter Yikes.
  • From 2007 to 2010, I was the Assistant Librarian for the San Diego Zoo. In 2010 we published our research on zoo libraries.
  • I hiked the Inca Trail in Peru. It was pretty great.


  • Finished a Master’s in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University
  • Taught SAT prep courses for Kaplan in the evenings and on weekends


  • Worked as a Library Assistant at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego from 2006 to 2007
  • Volunteered for the San Diego Public Library and the San Diego Zoo library


  • Graduated with a BA in Literatures of the World from the University of California, San Diego


  • Studied Fine Art and Photography at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


  • Spent six months or so studying in London and traveling around Europe


  • Graduated high school at age 16
  • Started at University of California, San Diego